Ready To Roll Survival Kit (Earthquake Preparedness)
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Item #: OEK-RR

Ready To Roll Survival Kit This kit is packaged in a rugged nylon carry case on wheels and has a carrying strap and external pockets for medical supplies

Includes: Medical Supplies- 4 bloodstoppers, 2 4x4 burn free, 6 small burn free, 3 sun X SPF30, 3 small ice packs, 3 triangular bandages, 6 5x9 surgi pads, 3 2x10yds of tape, paramedic scissors, 12 non adherent pads, hydrogen peroxide, eye wash, 10 ammonia inhalents, 25 large patch bandages, cpr mouth piece, latex gloves, 2 medium splints
Survival Supplies-2 yellow paramedic blankets, 6 solar blankets, 8x10 blue tarp, solar radio with flashlight, 6 adult poncho, 6 lightsticks, 5 emergency candles, 50 waterproof matches, 6 3600 calorie food ration, 9 3-pack aqua blox water
Personal Hygiene Kit- Maxi Pad, 2 Toothbrush with paste, 33 wet naps, 2 kleenex, toilet paper
Search and Rescue- Folding Shovel, 2 Flashlights, 2 'D' Batteries, 2 50ft ropes, 10 dust masks, utility knife, vice grips, 14-in-1 pocket tool, 10' adjustable wrench, gas shut off tool, 24' pry bar, 50' duct tape, 300' caution tape, 2 safety googles, 2 hard hats, 2 safety vests, 2 pairs of leather palm gloves

Price: $451.48 / each
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