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Item #: KT60D

The Outdoorsman First Aid Kit by Mayday is the perfect First Aid survival kit for hikers, climbers, and backpackers. This convenient carry all bag includes:

•signal mirror
•2 toothbrushes w/toothpaste

•3 packets poison ivy relief cream

•2 packets insect repellant
•Swiss Army style knife

•12-hour light stick

•9 wet naps
•box of waterproof matches

•3 cleansers
•a pair of hand warmers

•31-piece first aid kit
•a roll of toilet paper

•3 packets SPF sun screen
•8-function opener w/fork, spoon, & knife

•emergency survival bag
•10 pack insect sting wipes

•compass/whistle combo

Price: $51.25 / each
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