New Skin Liquid Bandage
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Item #: 882143

New Skin Liquid Bandage 0.3 Fl Oz. (10ml)

The original New Skin Liquid Bandage from Newskin Products. The Bandage that stays on (TM).

* New Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage forms a clear cover that protects cuts, scrapes and blisters.
* It is so easy to use, simply brush it on and it dries rapidly to form an clear protective cover that kills germs with a powerful antiseptic.
* It is unlike regular bandages, New-Skin is the bandage that stays on because it's waterproof and flexible.
* New-Skin Liquid Bandage (brush on applicator or spray) is a great alternative to regular bandages that get wet or fall off easily.

Price: $8.96 / each
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