3 Shelf Cabinet
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Item #: 13031

3 Shelf Cabinet Full-W/Pockets

Kit Includes:

3/4x3 plastic strips bandage (100/box), elastic strips bandage, Elastic Knuckle Bandage (40/box), Elastic Fingertip Bandage Large (25/box), Elastic Mini Bandage (50/box), Alcohol Wipes (50/box), Antiseptic Wipes (25/box), Hydrogen Peroxide Spray (1), Alcohol Spray (1), Triple Antibiotic Ointment (25/box), 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch cream (25/box), Cotton Tip Applicators, 2x2 Gauze pad (25/Box), Tri-cut tape, Elastic Tape, Co-Flex 3" Bandage Wrap, 2" gauze rolls, 1 oz eye wash (4), Iso-tone 8 oz Eye and Skin FLush (1), Bloodstopper Compress Dressing (1), Kit Tweezer(1) ,Kit Scissors (1), Disposable gloves, Ice Packs
Price: $169.13 / each
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